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Y2KC1315  Non-woven Polypropylene Insulated Grocery Tote with Zipper Closure and Bottle Pocket
13 x 10 x 15 - Silk Screened   Y2KC1315 - Silk Screened
3.15 - 3.95 / Min. Qty: 100
Our most popular insulated project, this 258GSM insulated grocery bag has a zip closure, interior fold away bottle holder and outside pocket. It's large capacity makes it an excellent grocery bag that will keep ...

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1003  Cool-Apsible Foam Pocket Beverage Insulator / Holder / Cooler
0.71 - 1.43 / Min. Qty: 100
Cool-Apsible beverage insulator with folding coaster bottom PRINT BOTH SIDES & BOTTOM FOR NO ADDITIONAL COSTS Slip on sleeve style beverage insulator, fits 12 oz. cans. Pocket folding style scuba foam beverage ...

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PR264  Twill Economy Apron, 19x24, Printed
(old sku PR-BA50)
8.32 - 10.40 / Min. Qty: 12
  • Economy All-purpose apron.
  • Durable fabric.
  • Mid-length bib apron.
  • Made from 7.5 oz Iron Free Twill (65% Polyester / 35% Cotton)
  • Price includes 1 color imprint, 1 location.
  • Max Imprint: ...

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    PR262  Twill Bib Apron, 2 Pockets, Printed
    (old sku PR-BA28)
    14.99 - 18.74 / Min. Qty: 12
  • All-purpose apron for work, play or in-store presentations.
  • Adjustable neck band.
  • Split-pocket pouch.
  • Made from 7.5 oz Iron Free Twill (65% Polyester / 35% Cotton)
  • Price includes 1 color ...

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    PR265  Twill Economy Apron, 2 Pockets, Printed
    (old sku PR-BA55)
    9.98 - 12.48 / Min. Qty: 12
  • Economy apron, yet still the same high end durable fabric.
  • 2 room pockets.
  • Made from 7.5 oz Iron Free Twill (65% Polyester / 35% Cotton)
  • Price includes one color imprint, one location.
  • Max ...

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    RB 001  The Barbecue Cookbook
    2.49 - 3.30 / Min. Qty: 100
    PUT ON YOUR APRON & FIRE UP THE GRILL! Classic Barbecue is the ideal gift at a company summer picnic or BBQ outing. These cookbooks fit well in school & church fundraising programs, and ...

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    BBQ85  Multi-Function BBQ Tool
    17.95 - 19.95 / Min. Qty: 50
    Entertain with style with this 6-Function BBQ Tool This Handy all-in-one BBQ tool offers all of the tools to grill & entertain at your fingertips. Features a large slotted spatula, BBQ fork, basting brush, wine ...

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    R16C  Cajun Seasoning (pint plastic bottle)
    5.83 - 7.92 / Min. Qty: 48
    The ultimate seasoning for true Cajun flavor! For meat, eggs and Cajun Fries. For deep Fried Cajun Turkey, rub on skin and in chest cavity before deep frying. Flavor Profile: Louisiana. Large imprint area plus ...

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    HS3C  Cayenne Hot Sauce (3oz Airport Friendly Size)
    1.75 - 2.08 / Min. Qty: 48
    The perfect tradeshow traffic builder give-away. A premium blend cayenne pepper hot sauce in a TSA approved, airport safe, carry-on ready bottle. A subtle, medium heat with a burst of flavor. Heat Level: Medium. ...

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    HS5H  Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce (5oz)
    2.17 - 2.50 / Min. Qty: 48
    Hot Pepper Sauces - The hottest promotional item ever... perfect for trade shows, product introductions, and promotional mailings. A premium blend habanero pepper hot sauce for an extra kick. Heat Level: Hot. Flavor ...

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    15-4SPDC  4 Grilling Spice Gift Set
    30.79 / Min. Qty: 12
    Our 4 Spice Grill set comes with our most popular seasonings. Hickory Rub, Chicken and Rib Rub, Steak Seasoning and Chef's Seasoning It All!. Market baskets are available in many colors. Ribbon is optional.

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    060-GPSBO  Gourmet Patriotic BBQ Spatula and Bottle Opener
    7.25 - 9.25 / Min. Qty: 50
    Give your clients something new to be excited about with this gourmet barbecue spatula and bottle opener. The generous length of the all hardwood handle keeps hands away from heat and flames while its full tang ...

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    3R16  Boxed Rub/Spice Set
    20.83 - 27.08 / Min. Qty: 24
    Three best selling pint spice blends in an attractive gift box. Our seasoning blends are: Sweet & Smoky BBQ Rub, Steak & Rib Rub, Cajun Rub. Gift box is black or white. Custom color box with additional lead time. ...

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    GR1GS2  Wet/Dry Grilling Set (2x12oz - 1xPint)
    19.58 - 23.33 / Min. Qty: 24
    The ultimate grilling set. Two 12oz grilling sauces and half pint dry rub in an attractive gift box. Choose from these grilling sauces: Lime, Peach, Cajun, Buffalo Wing. Choose from these dry rubs: BBQ, Cajun, ...

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    HS2C  Cajun Hot Sauce (1.7oz)
    1.50 - 1.92 / Min. Qty: 48
    A premium blend cajun pepper hot sauce in a plastic bottle that's used to spice up any cooking adventure. A subtle, medium heat with a burst of flavor. Heat Level: Medium. Flavor Profile: Louisiana. Large imprint ...

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    SMP  Picante Salsa (16oz)
    4.17 - 5.83 / Min. Qty: 48
    This medium heat, chunky salsa and dip is ready to eat straight from the jar. A wonderful blend of tomatoes, onions, green chile peppers, jalapeno peppers, garlic, cilantro. Flavor Profile: Tex-Mex. Heat Profile: ...

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    1046  Neopren Can Cooler
      1 Color imprint
    0.86 - 1.81 / Min. Qty: 24
    Can beverage holder made of neoprene. Select this Neoprene Beverage Holder as a promotional giveaway during sporting events! One of our top sellers, this neoprene sleeve is made of premium open cell scuba foam ...

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    K346  Bamboo Cutting Board
    Bamboo Cutting Board   Housewares Cutting Boards kitchen utensils events eco bamboo
    4.02 - 5.64 / Min. Qty: 100
    This cutting board will enhance the life span of your knives and counter tops; Perfect for the toughest of kitchen assignments; Hand wash recommended; Slice And Dice

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    060-1003  3 Piece BBQ Tool Set - Imprint
    6.85 - 8.70 / Min. Qty: 50
    Cook up some new business with the Kitchen Worthy (R) BBQ tool set! This three piece collection is designed with double-riveted hardwood handles and leather hanging straps for easy storage. Includes 14" x 7/8" ...

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    S402  BBQ Mitt- Rubber Insulation-Full Color
    4.77 - 5.36 / Min. Qty: 100
    Get creative in the kitchen with this sublimated oven mitt! Measuring 10" H x 5.5" W in size, this insulated neoprene oven mitt is designed to handle temperatures of 400 degrees and less. It is made with real neoprene, ...

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    SP  Snack Pack (Hot Sauce and Salsa/Sauce)
    9.67 - 11.67 / Min. Qty: 24
    One 16oz jar one 5oz hot sauces in an attractive gift box. Choose from these 16oz jars: Habanero Salsa, Picante Salsa, Roasted Garlic Salsa, Peach Salsa, Raspberry-Chipotle Salsa, Jalapeno Salsa, Sweet & Smoky ...

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    MBO-PR  Magnetic Bottle Opener
      Magnetic Bottle Opener
    18.71 - 25.99 / Min. Qty: 12
    Pop the top off and catch the cap in one single-handed action! Leaving no caps on the ground fits in with our “No cap left behind” policy. This heavy duty magnet goes where you and your friends go. It mounts magnetically ...

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    2PP  Two Pint Pack (Two Salsas or Sauces 16oz)
    11.67 - 15.00 / Min. Qty: 24
    Two 16oz salsas or sauces in an attractive gift box. Choose from these: Habanero Salsa, Picante Salsa, Roasted Garlic Salsa, Peach Salsa, Raspberry-Chipotle Salsa, Jalapeno Salsa, Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce, Nacho ...

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    4HS  Four Pepper Hot Sauce Pack (4x5oz)
    12.00 - 13.33 / Min. Qty: 24
    Four 5oz hot sauces in an attractive gift box. Choose from these hot sauces: Habanero, Cayenne, Garlic, Jalapeno. Optional flavors available at additional cost: Chipotle, Cajun, Lime, Peach, Buffalo Wing, Steak. ...

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    BBQ  Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce (16oz)
    4.17 - 5.83 / Min. Qty: 48
    Fire up your grill with this mildly sweet barbecue sauce with a great hickory smoke flavor. Molasses, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and a little hot sauce adds the flavor. Flavor profile: Southern. Large imprint ...

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    HSRT  Firecracker Tube w/ 5oz hot sauce
    3.83 - 5.00 / Min. Qty: 48
    For an extra HOT presentation with explosive results, add this firecracker or dynamite tube with or without fuse top to a 5oz hot sauce or grilling sauce. Large imprint area plus wrap around for additional message, ...

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    R8TPC  Popcorn Topper (half pint)
    4.58 - 6.25 / Min. Qty: 48
    Sweet and salty kettle flavored popcorn topper. Large imprint area plus wrap around for additional message, tag line, contact info, website, QR code.

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    K217  Therma-Grip Large Oven Mitts
    Therma-Grip Large Oven Mitts   Housewares Oven Mitts bbq_tailgating kitchen seasonal
    3.60 - 4.25 / Min. Qty: 150
    Large flame resistant size that can find a home in any kitchen; All cotton interior with a fire resistant silver exterior; Smooth copy side with solid color, quilted gripping surface; Great For Grilling

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    10014CP  Slap Wrap Go
    4 color Process
    2.23 - 4.81 / Min. Qty: 24
    The beverage holder that insulates bottles or cans of almost any size. Straighten this coolie flat after each use just snap corners back into place, great beverage insulators for mailings, fits easily into your ...

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    K343  Bamboo Spoon
    Bamboo Spoon   Housewares Bambookitchen utensils Kitchen events eco spoons
    1.68 - 2.44 / Min. Qty: 250
    Bamboo is used in kitchens around the world; amateurs and professionals alike will approve of this great design; Naturally heat and bacteria resistant and it comes from a renewable resource; Convenient hanging ...

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